DermEden Day Protocol Eye Contour – SPF 50




– NEW FORMULA Eye Contour –

A formulation specially designed for the contour of your eyes. Formulated specifically for the thinner and more fragile skin around the eye, this treatment protects and illuminates your eyes. Enriched with Niacinamide and Dioic and Hyaluronic Acids to treat visible and future wrinkles and spots, it also contains stabilized Vitamin C with antioxidant and lightening action. With an SPF 50 index, it protects against photo-aging.

Apply every morning on your eye contour by massaging slightly circular way with the fingertips. Sunscreens can cause slight tingling, avoid contact with the eyes.

15 ml / Fragrance-free / Ref: 21410 / ACL Code: 6022115.

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