DermEden Universal DD Cream (4-in-1) SPF 50 with Self-adjusting tint





DermEden innovation 

Particularly dedicated to urban skin, subject to stress, pollution and attacked by free radicals, DD Cream protects your skin from all aggressions and prevents the first signs of aging.

Enriched with VITAMIN D-LIKE, it is the first day cream to solve the UV protection equation / benefits of vitamin D, essential for the body and skin. Moisturizing, anti-aging and with UV protection, its universal formula specially designed to respect the nature of all skin, contains “chameleon” pigments that adjust to each complexion.

Apply every morning on your face, neck and décolleté in circular movements and massage until you get the perfect match with the tint of your skin. Excellent makeup base.

50 ml / Fragrance-free / Ref: 21510 / ACL: 6022110


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